When hiring a boat-towing service, there are a few factors to keep in mind. One of the most important factors is establishing a line of communication. It is imperative to stay in touch throughout the towing process, whether it’s via radio or hand signals.

Sea Tow

If you’re in trouble on the water, Flagship Towing US is a reliable way to get your boat to shore quickly. The company is a member of TowBoatUS, a nationwide network of boat-towing companies. The network provides on-water assistance for members and non-members. Boating enthusiasts can contact the towing company through a cell phone or VHF radio to request an on-water tow.

The company has been providing on-water assistance since 1983 and operates out of more than 500 ports nationwide. Founded in Southold, NY, the company is a member-driven franchise concept. The company’s franchise network also responds to marine pollution and other environmental hazards. This allows Sea Tow to offer tailored service based on the needs of their members.

As a member, you’ll get priority service, 24/7 dispatch, and other benefits. Membership also offers discounts on marine-related merchandise.


It is crucial to choose a company that offers a membership that is both Safe/Sea and convenient for you. If you have a membership with Sea Tow, for example, you can call them anytime, anywhere, even in foreign waters. However, you should be aware that unsafe seas can affect the response time of an operator. In such a case, the operator should contact the Coast Guard and help you get to a safe tow point.

Before choosing a boat-towing service, you should discuss with the towing service the destinations you plan to visit and discuss the contingency plan with them. Various obstacles can arise, so make sure to discuss these in advance.


When you need a tow truck to move your boat, JROP Boat-Towing Service is there for you. They have cutting-edge tow trucks and are available 24 hours a day. You can even hire them for motorcycle towing. This is a great service that will provide you with the assistance you need to get back on the water as quickly as possible.

The company started offering tow services on Memorial Day weekend. Since then, they have successfully towed numerous vessels. More people are taking advantage of their services each week. The service currently consists of two boats, and can launch from a variety of locations. It also works closely with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

The service also offers discounts to members. A membership costs $72 a year, but includes a wide variety of benefits, including fuel drop-offs, battery jumps, and hard grounding rescues. In addition, members are also eligible for discounts on marine-related merchandise.