If you want to play the game in a better way, you need to buy the best cricket bat. A cricket bat should have a good power zone and a large sweet spot. It is also important to have a good grip for better performance. You should choose a cricket bat that has a finish around the edges to improve the grip and extend its shelf life. For the best performance buy new balance bats.


Slazenger cricket bats feature high-end materials and superior technology, making them a smart investment for amateur and professional players. Slazenger cricket bats feature a mid-blade sweet spot, an ultra-lightweight construction, an Xtreme edge profile, and hybrid grips with two texture types. The V500 SZR1 cricket bat features a padded handle and signature Slazenger branding.

The Slazenger brand is also known for its endorsement of high-profile players. Several of its athletes, including Sir Don Bradman, Steve Smith, and Matt Prior, have used the brand in their careers. The company has a history of developing top-notch cricket equipment, and it sponsors many top players including the new captain of England, Eoin Morgan.


The GM Devon Conway Player Edition is a high-quality, limited edition cricket bat that’s made from premium, limited-edition willow. Each bat is hand-selected and individually tested for performance and quality. It comes with a stylish black bat case that’s designed to keep it safe.

This bat weighs 1200 grams and features a medium-spine profile. It’s designed for batters up to 5.5 feet and 15 years old. It has a generous sweet spot and is comfortable to hold. It’s also lightweight, ergonomically shaped, and highly durable. This cricket bat is suitable for both casual and professional players.

SG Savage Xtreme

The SG Savage Xtreme cricket is a top-of-the-range bat from Sanspareils Greenlands, the largest manufacturer of cricket gear in India. It features a premium handle made from imported Sarawak cane that adds strength, control, and power to every shot. Its flat shape and rounded face are ideal for ground shots and help reduce power loss when slicing off the centre.

It features a unique toe shield. It also boasts a generous hitting surface and evenly separated grains for excellent power and control. The SG Savage Xtreme is an excellent bat for casual and professional players. It features a 40mm flat face, a square toe, and an imported Sarawak cane handle.

GM Ben Stores

Cricket bats are an essential part of the game. Not only should you have a good set, but you should also have the proper equipment. Before starting a match, it’s essential to get your cricket bat prepared. This is where linseed oil and a knocking-in mallet come in handy. Also, the right cricket glove and pads are essential, so you should take your time when choosing them.

While there are several options to choose from, there are some key differences in the GM Ben Stores selection. While some bats feature more traditional designs, others are designed for professional players. MRF, for example, has long been known for producing high-quality bats with an obvious bow. The MRF Chase Master bat has big shoulders and edges to lower its centre of gravity and give players power while driving.

Reebok Centurian

The Centurian Cricket Bat from Reebok is a high quality cricket bat for casual and professional players. It is made from grade English willow and features a meaty sweet spot and balanced pickup. Made in England, it meets the highest quality standards. The Centurian cricket bats are also available from Gray Nicolls, who manufacture cricket bats that meet MCC laws and are ideal for both casual and professional players. They have a lifetime warranty and are priced competitively.

The Centurian cricket bat is made of high quality English willow, which ensures long-lasting durability. Its blade has thick edges and 8 to 12 straight grains. It also has an imported 9-peace cane handle. It weighs between 1180gm and 1250gm. Designed for both professional and casual players, the Centurian Cricket Bat has an elegant look and feels great.