Peyronie’s disease is a very common condition, which most people know about. But what most people don’t realize is that there are many different ways to treat this painful disease. So if you or somebody you know suffers from this condition, it’s important that you look at all the options open to you and find the one that works best for you at In this article I’ll list some of the treatments available, how they work and which is best for those with Peyronie’s disease.

The first treatment option to be looked into is called the ‘Sclerotherapy’ treatment. This treatment involves the injection of a material into the joint, through the bone, which thickens the cartilage and prevents any further damage to the bone. The Sclerotherapy treatment can take several weeks to take effect, and is only an effective treatment if the disease has not spread to other areas of the body yet. The downside of Sclerotherapy is that it has a high relapse rate, as it can leave behind scars and can be very uncomfortable. However, the benefits of this treatment make it the earliest and most effective treatment available for those suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

One of the most commonly used treatments for Peyronie’s disease is called the ‘arterial immobilization’. This involves the use of a narrow band or ‘ligament collar’ which is placed around the joint and causes the joint fluids to stop draining. This stops the fluid production that is caused by the disease, and thus the pain associated with it. Once the liquid ceases, then the joint can begin to heal.

Another group of treatments that are used on patients who have’KP’ are called ‘arterial infusions. Infusion therapy is a fairly new treatment option and is used on patients who have had problems with their blood clots since their first presentation. This treatment option works in that the blood clots are forced out through the vein and thus stops their discharge. Though this type of treatment is often used for a wide variety of ailments, it is very effective in treating patients suffering from peyronie’s disease.

One of the newest treatment options for Peyronie’s disease is called ‘inferior pedicle ligation’. Inferior Pedicle Ligation is a fairly new treatment option and only started being used in the past couple of years. It involves the use of a small electric current, which is applied directly to the skin in the affected area. Though many people fear that this treatment might be painful, it is actually a lot less painful than some of the more traditional treatments for Peyronie’s disease, such as Laser Photocoagulation or Photodynamic Therapy.

As you can see, there are many different treatments available for those suffering from Peyronie’s disease. The fact is that though many of these treatments are effective, it is still important to get a full diagnosis from your doctor, before deciding which treatment options are right for you. So, take the time to talk to your doctor about the different treatments, and find out which one will suit you best!