In a world of ever-changing economics and financial markets, financial knowledge is critical to building wealth and achieving financial freedom. Yet, many people still lack the knowledge to take control of their finances.

To thrive in a digital ecosystem, financing services firms must show they understand their customers and care about their financial wellbeing. They must also be willing to use data and artificial intelligence to improve their experiences.

The Mighty Wallet

The Mighty Wallet is a thin but robust wallet that comes with useful equations and calculations to help you understand financial services for a better future. This wallet is made by Dynomighty Design from the United States and it’s made from wonder plastic Tyvek which is an extraordinary material, making it super strong and flexible at the same time.

The Tyvek material is resistant to tearing, so it doesn’t tear when you accidentally drop it or when it gets wet. The Mighty Wallet is also made from 25% recycled plastic so it’s environmentally friendly and will not harm the environment in any way.

The original folded origami wallet invented in 2005 by Terrence Kelleman, made from Tyvek (think Express Mail envelopes). The ingenious origami construction and stitch less design reinforces the material’s own strength to allow these extremely slim and expandable wallets to adapt to your personal storage needs.

The Mighty Calculator

Taking out a loan, setting savings goals and planning your retirement are all important financial decisions. A financial calculator can help you understand how a certain decision will affect your future.

The time value of money is one of the most important concepts in finance, and a good calculator should be able to explain this economic principle in a simple manner. This feature can be found on a variety of different calculators, but The Mighty Calculator has the most elegant solution.

The app is powered by the world-leading Maple math engine, enabling it to perform a variety of impressive feats including: finding integrals, factoring polynomials, inverting matrices and solving systems of equations. The calculator can also display a 2-D and 3-D graph of your solution. The app also features a number of other cool gizmos that are sure to impress. The best part is that it can do all of this in your pocket! It has a battery that is rechargeable and easy to remember.

The Mighty Checkbook

The Mighty Checkbook, from Learning Resource, lets children play like adults and make payments through pretend checks. It comes with a battery-powered calculator, deposit slips and 25 checks in real size for realistic play. It also features a pen and instruction card to help kids practice writing and making payments. Plus, this set is 25% plastic from recycled materials. It’s a great way to learn about financial services for a better future, and it’s a fun way to teach children how to handle money.

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