In this article, you’ll learn what to pack in carry-on and daypacks, portable chargers, and toiletries. Plus, get some great packing tips for all your items! Follow these tips and you’ll be able to travel light in no time! Here’s a quick checklist for travelers looking to pack light and avoid checked bags. Hopefully, it’ll help you avoid the hassle of lost luggage, too! Check out Online travel information center.

Carry-on bags

The first step when planning a trip is deciding whether to check your bag or to bring only a carry-on. It is best to avoid checking a bag if you have a few layovers, as your odds of losing it increase with each connection. You should also avoid checking a bag if you plan to use the items you buy on arrival.

Becca's Travel Gear Checklist (Women's Packing List Ideas)


Whether you’re traveling on a budget or need to bring a large amount of luggage, daypacks are a great option. Choose a minimalist daypack if you plan to take very few items, or a full-sized backpack if you plan to carry a large amount of items. Some daypacks even have built-in waterproof storage, which is essential if you plan to spend any time near water. Regardless of the size of your daypack, it’s important to consider how comfortable it is for you.

Portable chargers

For travelers who don’t want to check their bags, portable chargers are an excellent solution. They allow you to charge electronics while traveling, but they require special attention during security screening. The power banks are made with a lithium-ion battery and must be TSA-approved and under 100Wh. To keep electronics safe, pack them in dedicated organizers. During security, you can remove the electronics and place the organizer in an extra bin. After security, you can place the chargers back in the bag.


Before you travel, you must know how to pack effectively. You can minimize the amount of luggage you check by rolling or folding your clothes. Alternatively, you can use hanging garment bags to pack your clothes. Remember to always pack toiletries in a sealed bag with a zipper. You can also use plastic wrap to cover the opening of the bag. There are many ways to reduce the amount of space you take up when you travel.

Copies of passport, credit card, and bank contacts

If you’re flying on a budget, it’s smart to avoid checking bags by bringing a secondary form of ID. This could be a copy of your passport, a driver’s license, or a non-driver identification card. A copy of your passport is also helpful if you lose the original. It’s best to leave your original passport at home, since it’s susceptible to water damage, which can render information-based pages unreadable.