Concrete grinding can be done in many ways. The most common is a hand-held angle grinder, but there are also specialized tools for countertops and worktops. These tools are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for difficult-to-reach areas. They also provide greater precision when grinding concrete, visit Concrete Grinding website.

Wet grinding

Wet grinding in concrete has its pros and cons. It is a messy process, and the slurry mixed with the concrete creates a paste that must be cleaned up. This requires the hiring of contractors, which can be expensive. Additionally, you must factor in the additional costs of a dust extraction system.

The main benefits of this method include a shiny surface, and it can harden and condense the concrete slab. This process is also great for open areas, as water is used to capture dust. The final result is a slurry of concrete.


The Diamabrush is a concrete floor polishing tool that uses patented polymer blades. These blades are flexible and stay in continuous contact with the floor. The Diamabrush is available with blade replacement kits. These blades can extend the life of the tool. The Diamabrush is ideal for polishing and maintaining concrete floors.

The Diamabrush concrete polishing system is designed to remove mastic and prep bare concrete floors. It works by abrading the surface with a specially designed diamond grit. The diamond grit is bonded to a metallic backing and assembled to a flexible steel spring blade. The blades’ flexibility ensures that the diamond insert stays in contact with the floor. This helps the diamond to remain sharp and efficient throughout the process. The Diamabrush is available in a three-piece kit.

Rotary grinder

A rotary concrete grinder is a machine that grinds concrete surfaces. It works by rotating a rotating disc, which is mounted to a base. The base features a large main disc and three smaller discs. The small discs all rotate at a different speed than the main disc. Unlike a planetary grinder, where the small discs lie in the same plane, the larger disc does not touch the floor.

Another type of concrete grinder is a planetary grinder. These are similar to rotary machines, but they have multiple disks mounted on them. The large disc is similar to the sun, and the smaller discs rotate around it. Because the large disc is never in contact with the ground, a planetary machine is more maneuverable. Some planetary machines are belt-driven while others are gear-driven.

Diamabrush diamonds

When it comes to concrete grinding and polishing, the Diamabrush Diamond Polishing System is the way to go. These diamond abrasive tools work in conjunction with auto scrubbers and floor buffers to provide a professional finish without the use of harsh chemicals or heavy equipment. They work by closing the pores of concrete and progressing through increasing grits to provide the desired surface finish.

Diamabrush diamonds are available in a variety of sizes. One of the most popular sizes is 4.5 inches, which is suitable for the average sized concrete grinding job. For larger jobs, a 7-inch model may be required. Both tools are easy to use, but the 4.5-inch version is the most recommended choice for homeowners.