After being photographed standing atop a dead shark, a man has become the subject of a furious backlash. The picture was posted on Facebook by a broadcaster and was accompanied by an appeal to find the man. A conservationist found the image and started researching the identity of the hunter. The picture went viral, and soon the internet was flooded with questions and answers.

The infamous photograph has been shared on various websites, including Technically Incorrect and the Post. It shows a naked man Jimmy John Shark standing on top of a shark, and many people have wondered who it was. The picture was so shocking that some social media users have speculated about its identity. Some people think that it is former Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain, while others suspect it is a retired NYPD cop.

humiliating slaughtered Sharks Guy

Now, the former police officer has been left terrified and is worried for his life. Activists have called him a “monster” and “slaughterer” and have even made threats against him. As a result, he has been hounded for several years and has received death threats from people who were upset with the photograph. A friend of Pingalore’s said he was happy that the photo was published, but later changed his mind because he fears for his safety.

The Florida football head coach has denied all the accusations, but the hysteria hasn’t ceased to circulate. The scandal has even spawned an online parody website. In a recent interview, McElwain denied any involvement in the controversial photo. Regardless of the motive, the hysteria has caused his career to take a turn for the worse.

In a radio interview with WKMG-TV in Orlando, David Pingalore discussed the shocking incident. He explained that the naked man on the shark was a New York City police officer. He added that the picture was taken by another person. The policeman’s friend later sent further photos and a friend told the reporter that the picture was taken at a theme park. The reporter asked about the man’s identity and explained that the naked man had been a guest of the show.