If you are looking for a quick fix for a curvy penis, you’ve come to the right place. While many men have mild curvatures, they are not affecting their sexual performance. If you want to fix your penis and avoid an emergency room trip and a trip to the operating room, read on to learn How to get bigger and straightner penis without breaking it.

Penile modeling

If you are having problems with the curvature of your penis, you might consider surgical straightening. Penile modeling and penile prosthetic implantation are two common ways to straighten your penis. However, these procedures are not without risks, and they may damage the urethra. Alternatively, you can perform milking (also called jelqing), which involves making micro-tears in your penis. This method can make your penis appear longer and thicker.


There are a few different procedures that can help straighten a penis without breaking it. Some men simply have a mild curvature that doesn’t affect their sexual performance. If you’re experiencing a new curvature and are concerned about it, you should consider consulting with a physician for a treatment option. The goal is to avoid the ER and an operating room trip.


Depending on the degree of curvature, grafting can straighten a penis. It can straighten the outside of a bend or a narrow shaft, or even both. Using a variety of donor tissue, grafting can even fix severe curvatures. But only if a man is willing to risk breaking his penis. If you are interested in having this procedure, you should consider all the risks involved.

Surgery for a broken penis

Before the advent of surgical techniques, patients with a penile fracture were treated conservatively with ice packs and erection-inhibiting estrogens. Compression bandages, penis splints, and antibiotics were also used. However, despite these advances, the incidence of complications and the length of recovery remained high. Surgical repair was confirmed as the treatment of choice and was recommended by most authors.

Nesbit’s procedure

A surgical procedure, known as the Nesbit’s procedure to straighten the penis without breaking it of course, is one option for patients with peyronie’s disease who have curvature of the penis. It can be performed under a spinal or general anaesthetic, and involves degloving the penis tissue and making a wedge incision on the opposite side of the curvature. A stitch is then placed to tighten the tissue and the penis is straightened.

Dupuytren’s contracture

For those who want to straighten a penis without breaking the tip, you should first know about Dupuytren’s contracture. This condition causes the hands and fingers to become short. It affects around 13 out of 100 men. As a result, it is very difficult to open jars or even comb hair. Patients who have Dupuytren’s contracture may also have difficulty opening jars and using combs. While the thumb and index finger are unaffected, doctors can tell if a person has this condition by looking at their hands. They may also check the strength and range of motion of the fingers.


The Kurdish word for “taqaandan” means “to click.” This method involves bending the top half of an erect penis while keeping the rest of the shaft erect. It is not as painful as it sounds, and is one of the safest ways to straighten a penis. Taqaandan is considered a public health concern in the western part of Iran.

Other options

Other methods of penile straightening without breaking it of course include surgical procedures. Penis implants increase the rigidity of the penis and can be used alone or in combination with other surgical procedures. Penile surgery is an option for severe cases when other methods are ineffective. While penis surgery has a high success rate, it does have certain risks. Some men develop post-surgical complications, and many of the effects of Peyronie’s disease are not corrected with surgery. Therefore, most physicians choose not to perform this surgery unless the disease is extremely severe.