When you want a fake ID, you do not want just any type of identification. You want a fake ID scannable identification to ensure that when you use it, you are not caught. So, you want a premium fake ID, quickly.

Of course, you do, and finding one legit and fast is easy when looking at fake ID websites online. But the important thing is that the provider needs to be trustworthy, not scam you. So, where can you find such a business to help make your fake ID? Well, you can start by looking at IDGOD.PH.

Why Choose IDGOD For Your Fake ID

They are a top fake ID maker that can provide you with high-quality counterfeit IDs. They have two teams standing by. The first team will make your identification while the other groups are in place for quality control.

Two teams available speed up the process and efficiency to provide you with a legit and fast service. The technicians are trained professionals that work with a streamlined approach to make this possible to cater to you with many different types of fakes.

They prioritize their customer’s needs and use polycarbonate and Teslin to make fake IDs that are 100% safe and secure. The fake ID vendor has detailed security features in place. Not even you or the bouncer will spot that your ID is fake.

No matter what ID you need, they have ID templates available for almost every state. The licenses they provide even bypass the hologram, bend, barcode, scan, and black light test. You also need not wait for long delays as they know you are eager to get partying.

With the streamlined process in place, your ID is shipped once done, and all you need to do is make your payment and sit back to wait for your ID to reach your destination.

What You Need To Do

You provide them with a photo to process without a background. The pros will inspect the image based on your state selection and the background requirements needed for editing. They will then select a template depending on the fake ID you need from a state or driver’s license.

Next, you provide them with your credentials to add to the card stock. Finally, your information is laminated with a hologram and thoroughly tested for encoding to complete and dispatch to you. The fantastic thing is that you have various products to choose from.

You need not stress that your ID will look fake. The talented group of Photoshop experts that work in designing the ID will make it as real-looking as possible. But you will need to contact them to get started.

The process offers you a lot of privacy, and you will not be compromised. The best part is you can pay using Paypal, Bitcoin, Gift Cards, or your Credit Card. Hence, you receive convenience as you can pay online. Even your shipping is discreet when using anonymous payment methods. You will be completely protected from potential hazards at all times.

You Get Convenience and Security

When you order your fake ID online from the vendor, the process is straightforward, offering you security and convenience at the same time. Moreover, you will not get caught when buying a fake ID or even using it. A fact is that these licenses are so impressive they can even be legit from the ordering process to the finish.

The Difference Between a Fake ID and Novelty ID

When you order a legit fake ID, it mimics your original identification presented by your legislative bodies like your government. Hence, your real ID serves as an identification for citizens and employees to hamper criminal activities and nights for fun for students who want to relax for a few hours.

On the fake ID surface, it is a chunk of plastic with your photo, name, and other essential details. So, what is an excellent phony ID? Well, it needs to match the design of your original ID. It needs to be high quality but not cheap PVC or polycarbonate thermoplastic and Teslin. Finally, it needs to form synthetic waterproofing.

The problem is that many people can easily be ripped off when buying one that feels flimsy and cheaply made. Hence, the identification will not even fool a bouncer or a college janitor. Furthermore, your legit fake ID will go through extensive production using specialized equipment to emboss holograms as per state.

The equipment does Soundex codes, encodes your ID number, and comes with a scannable barcode. Doing this will return information if ever it is scanned. So, your ID is not only a novelty piece but looks like the real thing.

Security Features to Look for


Barcodes are the most reliable security codes as they contain the data of the real card owner. If someone steals and uses your card without your permission, they will not be able to use it with any other barcodes or cards and this can help law enforcement track down who committed this crime.The barcode is connected to the database; it’s difficult to forge and add a barcode or ID on that card. Additionally, it is hard to print out the code on the latest ID card material, polycarbonate. You need to have proprietary equipment and printers to do this.

Fluorescent Overlay

One of the unique features on the latest fake ID card is the fluorescent overlay. This feature helps to provide more durability to the card, and it can be used in one printing cycle without needing to add extra lamination or other types of varnish. This means that you can save money when producing a fake ID card with better durability and safety.

The ID card with fluorescent overlay is highly resistant to counterfeiting, and it also lasts longer when paired with the right material. This property is necessary in order to comply with the rule about card renewal cycle in the Real ID Act.

Laser Engraving

Current laser technology allows you to engrave text or images onto ID cards using a security feature that creates a different texture on the card surface. The standard printing method is prone to counterfeit because you can remove the ink printed on the card surface.

The laser engraving method carves the text on the surface and creates the beveled edge. This part cannot be removed, as it will only damage the card. Therefore, ID cards that use this method to print their text and identity code are very difficult to counterfeit.

What Can You Do With Your Fake ID?

Well, one thing is for sure it is your pass to a new world of experience that you previously never had the privilege of experiencing. Of course, you can go clubbing when 21-year-olds hang out, but it is not only limited to the nightlife.

You can even use it to get a bottle of wine from the store. So, a good fake will open doors for you around the city with friends to enjoy booze and rock and roll. Furthermore, it will turn you into one of the famous students at the college. Hence, you can throw great after-hour parties to buy booze and have fun.

It will open up the nightlife, but you can enjoy discounts that 21 and older get. So, you can save money even if it is not much. You can find loads of retailers offering discounts to exclusive residents. With your fake ID, you can look for these discounts to reveal good deals you may have been missing out on.

Whether it is a retail shop, cinema, or booze, some fantastic discounts are. You can even use it to get a car rental. The options are limitless.

Are You Ready to Order Your Fake ID?

So, you finally found a place for your fake ID online that is legit and fast as you just cannot go without it. Well, that is excellent news as it provides more power to you. But, we are all for responsibly having great times with friends.

Now that you have made up your mind to purchase your first fake ID, it helps to choose a trustworthy one. But the good news is when you select this vendor, they are not only in it to make a profit. No, they want you to have an excellent customer experience to come back.

Get a meticulous recreation of your ID for any state with painstaking attention to detail with all the security elements in place.

Fake IDs may seem like a necessity for college students and young adults who want to enjoy the nightlife. They can be used for many purposes, such as buying alcohol, entering nightclubs, and more.

There are many options available when it comes to creating a fake ID. Some websites offer templates that you can use to create your own fake ID. Alternatively, you can hire an ID maker to create one for you. Regardless of how you choose to create your fake ID, be sure to follow the guidelines provided by IDGod.

IDGod is responsible for designing, material base, and security features when it comes to fake IDs. We design and create high-quality fake IDs that are sure to pass inspection. We also print them on state-of-the-art