How much does a Bathroom Renovations Central Coast cost? You might be tempted to make a major change in your home’s decor, but potential buyers are unlikely to appreciate or pay top dollar for high-end materials. High-tech luxuries like steam showers and Jacuzzi tubs will not appeal to all homebuyers, and overly-personalized details will detract from the appeal of your space. But while some trendy colors and designs may seem appealing to you, a more practical choice is popular stone materials. Using one of these materials in your bathroom can help you to get a higher return on investment.

Cost of a bathroom remodel

When considering the cost of a bathroom remodel to increase the value of your home, consider the types of materials you want to use and the amount of work you’ll need to complete the project. While some bathroom materials may be more expensive and take longer to install, smaller bathrooms typically have fewer plumbing fixtures and less square footage. Smaller bathrooms can be easily remodeled for a lower cost. But moving the electrical and plumbing systems and gutting walls can increase the overall cost.

How Much Does a New Bathroom Increase the Value of a House?

There are many ways to add a bathroom, including bumping out a wall and building a new addition. Other options include converting an existing walk-in closet, pantry, basement, or spare area under a staircase into a bathroom. A bathroom addition will require a new plumbing system, which will also incur additional expenses such as permits, hiring professionals, and time. While structural changes are more expensive than a bathroom addition, they can give you a better ROI.

Cost of materials

When renovating a bathroom to increase home value, consider the cost of materials. Often, a bathroom will receive constant use and withstand multiple climate changes, so choosing subpar materials may prove to be a costly mistake. Consider a simple paint job, but make sure it is mold and mildew resistant. If you want a more substantial return on investment, you may need to replace worn-out bathroom fixtures.

Materials vary in price, and are mostly dependent on style and quality. However, you can cut down on materials if you prioritize certain non-negotiables. For instance, high-end fixtures can cost a significant amount more than basic economy products. Choose simple, less expensive materials instead, if you can. Make sure to hire a professional to oversee the project. This will save you money in the long run.

Cost of labor

The cost of bathroom renovations varies depending on location, cost of living, and services. According to HomeAdvisor, a contractor for a mid-grade job, could charge anywhere from $15k to $25k, while a high-end bathroom remodel would run about $30k.

If you’re planning to do-it-yourself, the cost of labor can be as low as half of the overall project. You should still budget for replacement materials and any contingencies, such as hidden problems. While doing-it-yourself can cut costs, you should consider hiring a professional. Not only will you avoid common mistakes, but a professional will also be able to identify problems you’re not aware of. A professional designer will also point out opportunities for improvement.

The cost of bathroom renovations to increase home value depends on many factors. While a bathroom is usually the last room in a home that a homeowner can do on their own, some of the most expensive ones are in the kitchen and bathroom. Specialty skills like plumbing, electrical work, and tiling require special expertise, so it’s best to leave this area to professionals. DIY bathroom renovations often end up costing more money in the long run, and they can take years to complete.


A bathroom renovation is one of the simplest ways to increase the ROI of your home. Whether you’re selling your home or simply updating your space, it’s an investment worth considering. Bathrooms are important areas in any home, so updating them will increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers and increase your ROI.

While a bathroom remodel is not inexpensive, it can yield a significant ROI if you keep the layout and do some of the work yourself. Replace old fixtures with energy-efficient ones. Even if you’re not remodeling the entire bathroom, you can get a good ROI by adding double sinks. Double sinks offer more convenience, and they can also make the space more flexible. This can help you save money in the long run, too.