If you are planning on hosting a sports event, whether it is a high school game or a professional tournament, you may want to consider elevating your viewing experience by using professional sport event camera services. A company like AMS can offer you a variety of services that will help you make the most of your event, including Replay, Officiating and Gear. The hipod cameras are a versatile and innovative tool for capturing high-angle footage during live sports events.


While the technology behind it is still being honed, the NFL made it a point to equip its on-field officials with some of the latest and greatest. The same goes for the high school or college divisions, which should be a good thing considering that a plethora of high-paying professionals are playing the game for real. One of the perks of being an officiant is being able to network with colleagues, be it by mobile phone or in person. Of course, it’s not all fun and games. There is the unfortunate downside of a lack of control and accountability. This is where the nudge nudge nudge spiel comes in. Fortunately, it’s not just the officiants in the know that need to be aware of the rules of the game, it’s also their fans, and the occasional rival or two. Using a camera slash aided in this endeavor is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful livestream, consider the likes of the Sports Live+ service.


Instant replay is an important part of sports television. It’s used in many areas, including sports, royal weddings, political debate, and legal proceedings.

Today’s replays are made with advanced technologies. They may show replay footage of an athlete’s face in slow motion, or include a variety of angles. Depending on the event, commentators might use the replays to analyze the game, or highlight special events.

Replays are typically shown during breaks in play. This makes it easy for viewers to revisit key moments from the game. Using this technology, commentators might also mention earlier events, giving fans a deeper look into the story.

The Roland P-20HD is a simple and affordable solution for live sports productions. The P-20HD records directly to high-capacity SD cards, and can display replays on live event screens. In addition, it features intuitive controls.

Besides being an easy-to-use solution, the P-20HD keeps recording in the background. Its easy-to-swap SD cards and integrated color LCD make it a dependable tool for creating edge-of-the-seat fan experiences.

Gear for sports event photography

If you want to photograph a sporting event, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment. This includes camera, lens, and accessories. The most basic kit includes an SLR, wide-angle lens, and flash.

A lens bag can be a useful tool. It can hold your camera and lens together and can be used during walking events.

Lenses are the most important part of your sports photography equipment. They have the biggest impact on image quality. There are several types of lenses to choose from. Some are prime, while others are zoom lenses. Choosing the right one for your style of photography is a matter of personal preference.

Choosing the most appropriate one for your needs is not always as easy as it sounds. For example, if you are taking photos of soccer, you may want to invest in a lens with weather-sealing. Using a lens with a weather-sealing will ensure that your camera stays dry even in light rain conditions.

AMS offers a variety of services to help make your event a success

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