Advanced Braking Technology Limited, also known as Advanced Braking Technology Limited, is an Australia based company engaged in the commercialisation, research, development and manufacturing of the sealed braking system (SBS), primarily in Australia and via commercial distribution to other countries. The company was set up in November 1992 with a group of six members, all with highly trained and experienced engineering backgrounds. The business is led by Mr. James Cushman, a former senior engineer with the Australian Department of Transport who is now a senior consultant with Advanced Braking Technology Limited. The primary focus of the company is to manufacture and distribute the SBS braking systems. Advanced Braking Technology Limited was established to continue Cushman’s research work into the design, manufacture and sale of the SBS braking system worldwide, while concurrently maintaining his interest in future developments of this highly innovative braking technology.

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SBS is a leading manufacturer of Sealed Drive System (SDRS) and sealed braking solutions in Australia, with worldwide distribution. In particular, the company markets and sells its products in China, India, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States. The company’s core product range comprises Sealed Drive Systems and Brake Pads, which it develops and manufactures. The company has also signed strategic alliances with several companies that are involved in the exploration and production of metal and coal deposits in Australia, including Glencore, Adeema Resources Limited, CMC plc, Goldcorp, Realdri, Greenbus and Genex Corporation plc. Advanced Braking Technology Limited also collaborates with several other organizations and individuals around the world, in pursuit of global expansion and diversification of its business activities.

The primary market of Advanced Braking Technology Limited consists of the manufacturers of the Sealed Brake System and the Sealed Driving System. The former is designed to prevent oil and dirt from getting into the system, while the latter is used for applications such as emergency stopping and in the case of emergency road locks. The company’s braking solutions have been approved by the Department of Transport and are considered as cost-effective and environment-friendly. The company also partners with the automotive industry, particularly with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.

The company is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is led by Managing Director, Paul Rusch. Mr. Rusch is a former member of the Australian National Steel Council, having served since 1986. Prior to that, he was an engineer and project manager for a number of underground iron ore mines. Advanced Braking Technology Limited offers a variety of civil construction and brake engineering services, including precast stone walls and precast reinforced concrete structures. These products are suitable for a wide range of projects, including road works, pavements and bridges, as well as other types of constructions such as dams and apartment complexes.

One of the company’s most popular products is their sibs trailer brake system, which is used in both commercial and residential applications. The site trailer brake is designed to provide a lightweight, quick and effective method for stopping power. As one of the most technologically advanced braking technologies in use today, this sibs trailer brake system has been thoroughly tested and certified by leading industry experts. With its lightweight design, it can be used on a wide range of machinery. In addition, the braking system provides very low ground contact times, thereby improving the operator’s efficiency.

The company also produces a range of high-performance friction brake systems and hydrostatic brakes. The Company’s hydrostatic braking technologies are specifically engineered for heavy-duty machinery, such as on-site power plant equipment and industrial machinery. Its friction brake systems are used for industrial, commercial and municipal applications, in several countries around the world. Advanced Braking Technology has the strength and experience to take on all the necessary technologies to offer braking systems that are up to the task.